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Home of the Hottest New Game! We manufacture and sell the world's best all-wood beer pong table, accessories and much more!

Please note: BagToss.com and Pong-O.com are both Vorticy brands. We make the tables and cornhole products in our shop in San Diego, CA. Links on Pong-O.com will redirect you to the item on BagToss.com. We customize tables the same way we customize cornhole sets. So if you want a custom table, please follow the links to BagToss.com and if you have questions, please contact us. Click here to get started.

8ft Long Deluxe Folding Table
Pro Series All-Wood Beer Pong Tables

Professional 8 Foot Beer Pong Table

Fantastic beer pong table finish and features. This folding table features a hinged gear system that makes folding and storing super easy.


Beer Pong Table Racks Cups Balls Side Racks






Pong-O the game is based on beer pong and bag toss. Score points to beat your opponent. Good defense is key.

Save big $$$ when you get the 2 pack!

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The wood Beer Pong Racks are designed to hold most 18oz cups. They come three finishes: natural (clear coat over the birch wood), heritage (dark stain shown at right) and Rebel (dark black & blue). Price is for two matching racks. Consider buying our matching cups below.

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Beer Pong Ball and Cup Set   $8.99
Includes: 4 ping pong balls and 24 cups

The 18oz cups are red on the outside and white on the inside.


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This wall mounted bottle opener is solid metal with a bright black nickel finish. It comes with stainless steel screws to mount to the side of anything. It opens a beer bottle better than any other we have tested.
Get two and save.

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(note: video says 12oz and 16oz cups, it should be 16oz and 18oz cups, will edit the video soon)

The following photos show the 8ft long by 2ft wide Deluxe Table configured for Beer Pong. This is the Heritage Finish (dark stain) with the 18oz natural finish cup rack and the cup holders for ball washing (insert not shown). The choice between 16oz cups and 18oz cups is up to you. Most players use 18oz cups because this is most common with keg parties and more avaiable in stores (shown in images below). However, the World Series of Beer Pong use 16oz cups. 16oz cups will be more difficult but rules are adjusted to make it easier such as leaning over the table when tossing. We peronally like the offsetting finish rack and table as shown here. This table is easy to use and store. The folding legs nest into the table. There are handle on the sides for easy carrying and rubber bumpers on end and bottom edge.

Deluxe Pro Beer Pong Table


So which cups size should you use? For the average players, I would recommend 18oz cups and allow leaning. There is a lot more action and the game moves quickly. For the pros, I would go in line with bpong.com and go with 16oz cups and leaning.

For additional reading on 16oz vs 18oz cups for beer pong, check out this forum post: why clear cups? , cup size , new rules . Also consider length of the table and whether leaning over the table is allowed. Smaller cup diameters are harder to make and leaning over the table to decrease the distance of the shot greatly reduces the difficultly and gives an advantage (maybe unfairly) to taller people with a longer arm reach. When leaning, a player should not be allowed to touch the table (see rule 5F). Not allowing leaning means that a player's elbow can not cross over the end of the table the player is shooting from. However, allowing leaning simplifies the rules because it can be difficult to judge if the player's elbow really did cross the plane, but usually it's not a big deal as long as the player is not way over the edge.

Make your table stand out even more with our awesome custom options.

Custom beer pong table with Nice Rack LED lighting graphics

custom beer pong table college sorority ka

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