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    Pong-O Official Rules

    • Pong-O™ is a new sport based on beer pong that is played with ping pong balls and a target of cups. The object of the game is to toss the ball into one of the cups for points. The outer cups are worth 3 points and the inner cup is worth 5 points. Defense can score on a missed ball so accuracy and agility are key.  The game can be played with two people for singles or four people for doubles. 
    • How to Start: Coin flip to see which team is home. Visitors start off on offense and thus are the first to toss.  Home team always gets last toss.
    • OFFENSE: The offense player will toss 4 balls, one at a time.  Each ball that lands inside an outer cup is worth 3 points and 5 points for the inner cup.  The offense must keep their feet behind the foul line but may lean over the line.  The Defense must be behind the foul line before each toss but tosses can be done quickly. 
    • DEFENSE: A ball becomes catchable by the defense if it bounces off the cup or passes below the top plane of the cup target. A caught ball is worth 1 point but the defense must hold onto them until the end of the round for them to count.  If the defense catches all four, they are awarded 2 bonus points for 6 points total. If the defense interferes with a non-catchable ball then the offense is awarded 3 points. Defense must remain behind their foul line until the ball becomes catchable. 
    • DOUBLES:  Same as singles but each offensive player takes a turn tossing four balls before switching to defense. 
    • How to Win: The game is completed when a player or team reaches 21 points or greater.  Home team always gets last toss. Winners get Home advantage for the next game.

    Pong-O Scoring Example and Playing field

    The primary component of the game is the rack of seven cups.  The objective is similar to beer pong wherein a player tries to toss a ping pong ball into a cup, but that’s where the similarities end.  In Pong-O, there is no need to remove cups or drink beer.  Pong-O is based on points.   A ball made into the center cup is worth 5pts and a ball made in the outer cups is worth 3pts.  Players take turns tossing 4 balls.   There is a highly defensive aspect to the game too.  A ball that bounces off the rack may be caught for 1pt.  Also, a ball that misses the rack may be caught for 1pt only if it passes beneath the top plane of the rack. The defensive player must hold onto the ball until the round is finished for it to count as a intercepted ball.

    In the above example of the players playing the game.  The offensive player starts the round by tossing all three balls.  The defensive player attempts to catch misses and rebounds.  Points are tallied and subtracted for a score.  For example, say the offense makes two balls in the 3pt cup, one ball drops on the ground and the defense catches one ball.  The offense is awarded 5pts for that round.