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Play Pong-O the game. It is based on Beer Pong. Fun, Social and Competitive

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Beer Pong-O is the next big party game.

The Best Beer Pong Tables: Our tables are the best on the market for several reasons. First and formost, they are engineered and machined with precision equipement. We use high quality birch plywood and the best exterior polyurethane coating.

Finish: Beer Pong Tables are available in either a Natural (NAT) or Heritage (HER) finish. A Natural finish is several clear coats over the bare wood. A Heritage finish involves staining the wood then applying clear coats. Both finishes are amazing to look at and are very durable. The Heritage finish costs a bit more due to the extra step of staining. Our stain work is not furniture quality, but it still looks really good. We cannot guarantee stain uniformity. We offer custom color customization for those who want to spice it up. See our customization page for more information kasinot ilman rekisteröitymistä. Some neat designs can be achieved by carefully masking areas that you want the wood to show through. For those who love to DIY, our clear coat finish can be painted onto without problems. The entire board is brush coated with an outdoor grade, low VOC protective coating. Brushing on the coating is important because spraying wastes material to over spray. Low VOC is important because typical oil-based coatings have a ton of terrible stuff that has to evaporate into our atmosphere to dry. This was unacceptable to us so we searched long and hard for alternate coating. We found an excellent solution that is very durable but not cheap. Our clear coat costs about $60 a gallon and each set uses about 1/5th of a gallon. Cheaper sets are cheap because they skimp on the materials. We don't!

Customize Your Table: We offer great options for customizing your set. You can add text, graphics, colors or all three if you prefer.

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