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Custom Beer Pong Tables with Logos, Decals, Text
Personalize your beer pong tailgating table. Get your team colors.

Please note: BagToss.com and Pong-O.com are both Vorticy brands. We make the tables and cornhole products in our shop in San Diego, CA. Links on Pong-O.com will redirect you to the item on BagToss.com. We customize tables the same way we customize cornhole sets. So if you want a custom table, please follow the links to BagToss.com and if you have questions, please contact us. Click here to get started.

First step is to select a table.

Next you will select custom options.

Custom beer pong tables are the best way to express yourself or your brand.  Add a logo, graphic or text.  Add the advance light kit to amaze.

We offer great options for customizing your beer pong table. You can add text, graphics, colors or all three if you prefer. You can add these options to your cart below. You can see the color options for the text and board colors. Note: most of what you see is from our BagToss.com site but fully applies to our Beer Pong Tables. When you add custom options to your cart, it will be associated with the beer pong table in your cart. We will contact you if we have questions. If you have a graphic that you want to use or you need help designing your custom table, use our contact page and we will work with you to get you what you need.



See Examples



See Examples

Add a sweet graphic or the company logo.

Add triangles on each end, or a big ol' stripe.

too many options to really list.




Cut outs on the top surface are filled with Epoxy. Great with LED Lights.


Wireless LED Lights that go under the table

This option comes with lithium ion battery pack that will power the LED's for 50 hours. It also comes with a remote to control the color, brightness and flashing patterns and a music setting so the lights will pulse and change with music. Really cool party effect.  


Fantastic beer pong table finish and features. This folding table features a hinged gear system that makes folding and storing super easy.

Custom Options Notes

1) Sometimes it is easier to email us with the custom options you want and we'll email you a proof and a quote.

2) If you choose a text pack, we will request the details after we receive your order. We will then email you a proof.

3) If you add color to a board, we will add extra coats.

4) Some of our color options make it easy to add text or logos. You will save $$$ if we can incorporate them within the color option.



Armor Coat UpGrade: In addition to the standard coating process, we apply coatings to the top surface. This makes it extra glossy and damage resistant. We offer multiple levels of Armor Coat, from enhanced protection, glossy to super glossy.

Marine Plywood: Water proof plywood plus the Armor Coat for extreme moisture and heat resistant. Note, this board will be 30% heavier and stronger than our older ones. This option is now standard on all tables due to greatness.

Carbon Fiber: Aerospace grade carbon fiber plainweave fabic is added to all surfaces. Plus, you get the Armor coat. These tables will stand out above the rest. Super nice. This option is expensive. Check out Photos


Below are photos of a custom 9ft beer pong table made for the World Pong Tour championships in Atlantic City NJ. The "NICE RACK" text on the top has been cut through the top surface and then filled with a translucent green epoxy. Wireless LED lights are positioned underneath to give it a glowing effect. This table also has the one cup option, custom graphic and text. Really, anything is possible, just use our contact form and ask us. We have two main types of LED lighting, the basic type and the advanced type. The advanced type comes with a rechargable lithium battery pack that powers 100+ LED system and comes with a remote and has different settings including a music activated pulse setting. This option is well worth the money if you want to wow your friends.

Custom beer pong table nice rack folding wood

Custom beer pong table nice rack lights led

Custom beer pong table with Nice Rack LED lighting graphics

Custom beer pong table texas iowa football

Folding custom beer pong table wisconsin iowa texas football led graphics and lighting

lighted cut out top surface wisconsin custom beerpong table

custom beer pong table college sorority ka

Some of our work with Bag Toss Cornhole - Cool Custom Examples


Bag Toss Custom Color Options

Custom Text Options
Add custom text to your board by selecting one of the text packs described below. You will add it to your cart and check out. When we receive your order we will email you asking what text, color and font you want. We can work with almost any font (except fonts with a lot of detail). Visit DaFont.com for examples.

  Text Pack 1: Basic lettering. One Color. Same on both boards. Text is placed on one surface: the front, side or back.
  Text Pack 2: Basic lettering. One Color. Text is placed on two surfaces: the front, side or back.
  Text Pack 3: Advanced lettering. Two Colors. Text is placed on two surfaces: the front, side or back.

Custom Colors and Design Options
Check out some of our custom designs and colors. Want your favorite team colors on the board? Check our color charts to find the colors you want. We can add colored stripes, borders or triangles to the deck of the board. The complexity of the design and number of different colors will determine the price.

bag toss cornhole custom color options stripes triangles borders

Custom Graphics Options
Apply Only: We will apply your decals and coat them for protection.
  Type 1 Graphics: Single color graphic up to 14in x 14in in size
  Type 2 Graphics: Single color up to 20in x 20in in size or two color up to 16inx16in
  Type 3 Graphics: Full color up to 20in x 20in in size or single color up to 24inx36in
  Type 4 Graphics: Full color up to 22in x 30in in size or single color up to 24inx48in

Graphics are not applied as decals as decals can peel up over time. We coat over the custom work to further protect it. Discounts apply if ordering multiple sets with the same logo. Custom sets take about a week to process (although we have done it quicker when needed). Please contact us for specifics.

If you want your favorite team logo on the boards, we can help you find the perfect decal. Visit Amazon.com and search using these keywords "decal die cut TEAM" (replace TEAM with the team name you are looking for). White decals look great on heritage finish. Look for decals that are 18inx18in. If you find a decal you like, you can ship the decals directly to us (visit our contact page for our shipping address). Select our "Apply Only" option for $39 to have decals put on the boards and coated for protection. If you want some help, contact us.

Custom Logo
Sweet Home Chicago Pizza
(Pro-TG-BT2-HER with Medium Custom Graphic)

Custom Logo Vail Ski Patrol
Vail Ski Patrol (VSP)
(Pro-TG-BT2-NAT with Small Custom Graphic)

OMBAC Custom Boards
Old Mission Beach Athletics Club (OMBAC) - Founders of the famous Over The Line (OTL) tournament
(Pro-LB-BT2-HER with Small Custom Text and Medium Custom Graphic)

Bag Toss Cornhole custom tiger boards full size image decal
The Tiger Set (Pro-LB-BT2-HER with XL Custom Graphic)